An analysis of the shouldice hospital in canadian hospital systems

Elsewhere in Canada, the Cambie Surgery Centre of British Columbia specialises in orthopaedics within sports medicine and has treated more than 55, patients since These community-based specialty clinics were first proposed as a key part of the Action Plan for Health Care and fall into two categories, a public hospital operating in a new site such as an ambulatory care centre or a non-profit, independent health facility.

With this competitive advantage, Shouldice has reduced surgical time and achieved world-class clinical outcome levels and high patient satisfaction.

Specialisation and standardisation: Value-based healthcare at Canada’s Shouldice Hospital

Second, Dr, Obney is worried that he will not be on premise to ensure that the process is running smoothly.

Second, copycat services are appearing and tarnishing the image of the Shouldice procedure. Its surgeons have been with the hospital an average of 10 years, but what stands apart is the volume of hernia surgeries.

What Shouldice contributes to these deliberations is an example of the potential for specialised private providers and facilities to deliver value-based healthcare within public provincial health systems.

Shouldice Hospital Ltd. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The lowest risk proposal, therefore, is to add Saturday services. Lastly, by opening a new facility, Dr. Offering the cheapest option for treatment of hernia in the region. We write off the cost of surgery to learn. The overall space also allows for significant movement by patients. The New Service Strategy Matrix in Exhibit 3 shows some of the possible directions the hospital can take.

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But the core aim of high-performance manufacturing—consistent delivery of high-quality products at the lowest per unit cost—is wholly applicable to Shouldice Hospital, an Ontario-based hospital specialising in hernia surgery. It would utilize idle plant capacity. At Shouldice turnaround time for surgeries is 10 minutes versus up to an hour at other hospitals and the ratio of staff-to-bed is approximately 1.

Technology can be used However, the risk with such an approach is that the organisation will become fossilised and might end up losing the position in the market in the long run. For the hospital to be successful they have to invest heavily in training and equipment. What Shouldice has proven, however, is that highly specialised and standardised care can achieve consistently excellent outcomes that are cost-effective—and even as a private hospital, have generated more value for the public health systems.

Even with a high success rate of In addition, from housekeeper to physician, the entire staff is trained to push patients to exercise from the moment the procedure is completed. The Shouldice Hospital, Ontario, Canada is a pioneer in the field of treating patients suffering from external abdominal hernia.

After analyzing various plans of actions, it isproposed that the capacity of the hospital be increased by scheduling the operations on Saturdays also. Further exacerbating the problem, lack of capacity at the Shouldice Hospital is forcing patrons to seek out these hospitals that are imitating the procedures.

Training in Shouldice technique is important since the procedure could not be varied. The greatest form of flattery is often said to be imitation.

In case quality cannot be ensured then the status quo needs to be maintained as the organisation is profitable. We look at the patient as a commitment of the staff to deliver the highest surgical outcome and best patient experience.

Besides, the entire experience of staying in the hospital itself was a pleasant experience for the patients. Due to these factors, the success rate of the hospital is much higher than general hospitals and potential patients are presented strong empirical evidence. However the point to consider is whether to have it as complete hospital or clinic services centre which would act as screening centre for patient requiring surgery.

However, Shouldice is one of seven Ontario hospitals grandfathered in as private but are still part of the public health system and are reimbursed by the government. Patients better-suited for a procedure reduce the risk of complications from surgery, improve the likelihood of successful outcomes and lower the probability of readmission—which reduces the long-term cost associated with the procedure.

Ensuring the same level of quality of service will be an issue as workload on the staff and doctors will increase and in fact some of the senior doctors and staff are opposed to it. At the same time a successor to Dr.

More essays like this: In order to meet the unmet market demand the option of adopting franchisee model on revenue sharing basis could also be explored. Normally more time and services increase costs, but Shouldice has tailored all aspects of the patient experience, surgical and non-surgical, to achieve the best possible outcomes, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction.The Shouldice Hospital case demonstrates an excellent example of a well-developed, focused service delivery system.

Shouldice has been remarkably successful in its ability to not only provide its patients with a quick, quality and low cost surgery but also. Shouldice Hospital – Case Analysis Essay Sample. BACKGROUND. Dr. Shouldice established a speciality hospital in near downtown Toronto, Ontario, for the treatment of hernia with a special focus on primary hernia.

case study of shouldice hospital Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the. The hospital has effectively delivered to this expectation through extensive research by Dr.

Shouldice and the development of the Shouldice method. Furthermore, each surgeon develops expertise by performing nearly hernia operations per year versus for a surgeon at a general hospital.

Analysis: Shouldice Hospital has been successful for several reasons; including its effective service culture, its efficient operational processes (Table 1), as well. Shouldice Hospital Limited Summary/Abstract: Shouldice is a private hospital founded by Dr.

Earle Shouldice in Toronto in July The hospital started out .

An analysis of the shouldice hospital in canadian hospital systems
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