Anne frank character sketch

Dussel fought with Mr. He thinks that after the war he will work on a ranch or for a woodworker. The Nazis arrest her early in the war. Dussel He is a dentist whose wife is in America. She was eventually brought around to selling the coat.

Write a character sketch for Anne Frank and Peter Van Dan

At first when the family joins the Franks in the "Secret Annex", Peter seems lazy and reticent to talk to anyone. She does talk to her mother more than Anne does because she is able to be more amiable than Anne. She also wrestles with her inner self and considers what type of person she wants to become as she enters womanhood.

He likes to work with his hands and build things. His real name is Fritz Pfeffer, but Anne calls him Mr. She is very intelligent and perceptive, and she wants to become a writer.

The Diary of a Young Girl Important Characters

She is also a hard worker and willing to fight for her family. Frank and now is among the group of people who help those in hiding survive. However, Anne and Margot do not form a close bond, and Margot mainly appears in the diary when she is the cause of jealousy or anger.

I heard about you He made the move to secure a hiding place for them along with the Van Daan family. In fact, Peter seems to be a bit like his cat. He tells the man who rents rooms from the Franks that they have gone to Switzerland. He is ashamed of his son, and his wife, Augusta embarasses him.

character sketch of each member of van daan family and frank family

Additionally, Anne cares deeply for her family and friends. He is a loner who likes to escape work as much as possible. The families feel that he will fit in well with them. Frank is a man who will do anything to keep his family safe.

Johannes Kleiman is arrested in but released because of poor health. She grew up in a wealthy family and one of her prized possessions is a fur coat that her father gave her. Frank does not bear the forced seclusion well. Anne was born on June 12,in Frankfurt, Germany, and was four years old when her father moved to Holland to find a better place for the family to live.

Frank and seems to block them both from her life as best as one can living in such close quarters. She loves people and enjoys conversing with them.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne seeks him out and pushes him into a friendship with her. This caused a great deal of discord among the two women. Throughout much of the dramatic version of The Diary of Anne Frank, Peter tries to be by himself in his room.

She does not know, and was never told, that they could have left the country, or been given an easier assylum due to Mr.

Please provide a character sketch of Margot Frank from Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.

Frank endures the hardships of living in the "Secret Annex" with good grace, always trying to keep the spirits of the others up.Anne Frank was a dynamic kind of character because she changes thorugh out the story. Anne is described as blunt, intelligent, and cheerful.

A characteristic to describe Anne is blunt. A character sketch is a brief description of a character. The word "sketch" should make you think of art, where an artist rapidly creates a design.

It doesn't have to include many details, and it. Character Analysis Margot Frank Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List Margot was a quiet, obedient child, who always kept her clothes neat and clean, unlike her younger sister.

Margot Frank - Anne’s older was born in Frankfurt in She receives little attention in Anne’s diary, and Anne does not provide a real sense of Margot’s character.

Anne Frank was a young lady many people around the world respected and I am part of those many people. She developed from an obnoxious girl to a cultivated young lady.

Anne Frank When Anne Frank is given a diary for her thirteenth birthday, she immediately fills it with the details of her life: descriptions of her friends, boys who like her, and her classes at school.

Anne frank character sketch
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