Dalandan peels as foot powder

The study aims to determine and compare the effectiveness of Citrus aurantium peels in powder form with the commercially available foot deodorants as a foot odor and sweat minimizer. Sports enthusiasts, which include track athletes and basketball players, cannot deny the fact that they could 5 have foot odor and foot sweating brought about by excessive perspiration since they often use closed shoes.

Likewise, the researcher know that foot deodorants are not that bought in the market because of its high prices that is why the researcher became interested producing a cheaper, yet effective foot deodorants that can minimize the bad odor and sweating of feet.

They can use the Citrus aurantium peels in powder form as a foot odor and sweat minimizer. If the proposition is proven, people can utilize it as an alternative foot powder. It will be very embarrassing if the source is your feet, after removing your shoes and socks. In the study, Citrus aurantium peels were gathered.

This is the reason why people should think of a cheaper, yet affordable remedy in place of the commercially prepared foot powders which are rather expensive.

A paradigm representation of this is shown below. In the study, this is the product produced from the powdered citrus aurantium peels. Students spend more time in school wearing closed shoes, so they can have a bigger chance of having foot odor and foot sweating.

In the study, this will be dried and powdered producing a foot powder. They are related to Valencia oranges; think Sunkist, albeit in a smaller and greener form. Tangy, tasty and refreshing, dalandan juice must be one of my all-time favorite citrus juices.

The feet sweat a lot during hot weather, 1 especially when closed shoes are used. Pick your pitcher, preferably glass. What are the active constituents present in the Citrus aurantium peels?

The product was tested to 6 respondents only. I purchased 3 kilos that are displayed in the Balinese offering vessel at right. Its aim focused on odor and sweat minimization. The researcher did not perform a Phytochemical screening as to the active constituents present on the Citrus aurantium peels.

Scope and Delimitations The study was conducted to determine and compare the effectiveness of Citrus aurantium peels in powder form and the positive control foot powder as foot odor and sweat minimizer. This includes the sports enthusiasts, and even students, specifically high school and college students.

Foot odor can sometimes be caused by wearing the same socks too many times in a row. This chapter also presents a historical background regarding the study which came from different books and references, and the synthesis of related studies.

?alandan peels as foot powder Essay

Add two or three parts of water for every part dalandan, adjusting to your personal preferences and taste. Since socks directly contact feet, their composition can have an impact as foot odor.Galangal Root Powder adds great taste to many Thai recipes and goes well with cumin and coriander.5/5(1).

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Вalandan peels as foot powder “comparative effects of citrus aurantium peels in powder form and the positive control foot powder at three different mixtures as.

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dalandan peels as foot powder. EFFECTS OF CITRUS AURANTIUM PEELS IN POWDER FORM AND THE POSITIVE CONTROL FOOT POWDER AT THREE DIFFERENT MIXTURES AS FOOT ODOR AND SWEAT MINIMIZER” A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of Virgen Milagrosa Special Science High School In Partial .

Dalandan peels as foot powder
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