Education doctorate dissertations

With further research, we might also learn valuable information about how to more effectively communicate with each other through multimedia. Themes that fostered a timely transfer included developing self and solidifying personal identity and community of support.

Based on the results of this study, recommendations for Policy, Practice and Research were thematically presented, in the areas of 1 Family engagement, 2 Program evaluation, 3 Budget allocation, and 4 Technical assistance to effectively implement MTSS for sustainability and student outcomes.

Engaging in digital media making is an important route to developing important 21st century skills, empowered civic identities, and lifelong learning; also reports indicate that individuals from non-dominant communities are less able to derive such benefits.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Recommendations are made for the development of size inclusive policies and practices, inclusion of fat pedagogy, and a weight-neutral approach to college health so that students of all sizes may persist in their educational endeavors. Social learning ecologies supporting youth pathways in digital media making This study examines how youth are able to pursue interest-driven learning and practice-linked identities connected to digital media making with the help of individuals in their lives.

The theoretical background of distant education.

Examining EdD Dissertations in Practice: The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate

Nonetheless, that same study indicated that "PhD dissertations contained more multivariate statistics, had wider generalizability, and were more prevalent in certain areas of concentration", whereas "EdD dissertations contained more survey research and were most prevalent in educational administration research.

Empathetic players approached in-game decisions as moral dilemmas, while entertainment-focused players were much less likely to engage with the game on moral terms.

Dissertation Research in Education: Dissertations (Examples)

A Quisitive Inquiry of Everyday Consumption There is a growing popular, academic, scientific, economic, and political consensus in support of sustainable, healthy, and pro-social production and consumption.

Furthermore, internalized weight bias and self-esteem were found to be significant mediators of the effect of weight-based discrimination on physical health and mental health.

Only a handful of participants actually participated in club-sponsored leadership development programs, though some of these programs appear to be inadequate for high school students. Participants completed validated measures of goal orientation, personality aspects, and video game uses and gratification.

Also, some were forcibly displaced due to familial nonacceptance of their gender or sexual identities, while others self-displaced in an attempt to live openly. The experience allows for the enactment of the three characteristics of mental activity the Buddha described — impermanence, suffering, and not-self.

The findings revealed that female college students reported experiencing significantly more weight-based discrimination than male college students. The researcher collected data to determine in what general stage of implementation participant California schools were found to be at the time of study.

Doctor of Education

A one-way analysis of variance ANOVA was conducted to find the mean differences on the global self-efficacy scores of special education teachers and the mode of three types of preparation. Within these stages are specific implementation drivers of competency, organization and leadership that are used to build implementation capacity, consensus and sustainability Fixsen, Analysis involved self-report measures of mindfulness, behavior logs, and in-depth interview analysis, all mapped against conjectures that related design embodiments, to mediating processes, to outcomes of curiosity and decentering two factors of a mindfulness state.

This research is important to the field of ECE as administrators play a crucial role in providing quality services to children and families.

This quantitative study used a cross-sectional survey design. Further analysis of the qualitative data Education doctorate dissertations a series of 12 multimedia design and implementation factors. From the very beginning, there was a formal division between the EdD and the PhD in education, and the growing popularity of the applied doctorates was met by faculty in the arts and sciences questioning their legitimacy.

Bill at a CCC in pursuit of a timely transfer to a university. Motivation theory in the classroom. Over time, students publish journal articles and conference papers in addition to conducting the doctoral dissertation. Data was collected over a semester through participant observation, field notes, teacher and student interviews, and reviews of artifacts.

Special education policies in the U.Florida Atlantic University embodies a culture of strategic and collaborative community engagement that results in mutual benefit to the institution and the diverse internal and external communities that it serves.

Selected Dissertations The dissertations found on this page link to the complete text. All relate to the subject of Education within the context of Administration and Leadership. Doctoral Dissertations. Follow. Submissions from PDF. A Job Satisfaction and Self-Efficacy Score Differences in General and Special Education Teachers as Measured by the Job Satisfaction Survey and Teachers' Sense of.

The Doctor of Education (EdD or DEd; Latin Educationis Doctor or Doctor Educationis) is a doctoral degree that has a research focus in the field of education. It prepares the holder for academic, research, administrative, clinical, or professional positions in educational, civil, private organizations, or public institutions.

Topic Selection Guide: A List of Top Education Thesis Topics. Your education thesis topic may not be original, but it should be manageable and rich in. School districts continue to grapple with special education service delivery models that best fit the special education students’ needs within a legal and educational context.

A continuum of special education services is provided by school districts to meet the needs of special education students.

Education doctorate dissertations
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