Emerging retail formats in india

World Bank attributes the opening of the retail sector to FDI to be beneficial for India in terms of price and availability of products as it would give a boost to food products, textiles and garments, leather products, etc. Traditionally three factors have plagued the retail industry: Though India has the highest number of retail outlets per capita in the world, the retail space per capita at 2 sq.

Observation method used in organized outlets. Here also small, single-outlet retailers dominate the market.

Emerging Retail Trends in India Essay Sample

Industry has already predicted a trillion dollar market in retail sector in India by This show that people are attract by merchandise of retail malls it mean organized malls are more satisfied their customers by providing them verity of products.

A store that combines a supermarket and a department store. The secondary objectives are-: The concept of container trucks, automated warehousing is yet to take root in India. This implies that global retail chains will have to build a supply chain network from scratch.

Numerous clothing and footwear shops in shopping centers and markets operate all over India. So to sustain in a market like India companies have to bring innovative solutions.

Availability of quality real estate and mall management practicesConsumer preference for shopping in new environmentsWal-Mart: The future of the India Retail Industry looks promising with the growing of the market, with the government policies becoming more favorable and the emerging technologies facilitating operations.

With this the retail sector in India is witnessing rejuvenation as traditional markets make way for new formats such as departmental stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and specialty stores.

Exposure to International Brands. Getting the right mix of product, which is store specific across organization, is a combination of customer insight, allocation and assortment techniques. Barriers to FDI which limits entry of global players and limits exposure to best international practices.

Indian retailers need to advantage of this growth and aiming to grow, diversify and introduce new formats have to pay more attention to the brand building process.

Retail Sales in India2.

Traditional outlets stock a limited range of cheap and popular items; in contrast, modern clothing and footwear stores have modern products and attractive displays to lure customers. Corresponding graphs are made use of each data is evaluated and findings are recorded.

The sample size has been fixed to Also, government has relaxed regulatory controls on foreign direct investment FDI considerably in recent years, while retailing currently remains closed to FDI.

The growth pattern in organized retailing and in the consumption made by the Indian population will follow a rising graph helping the newer businessmen to enter the India Retail Industry. Theme or lifestyle displays using stylized mannequins and props, which are based on a season or an event, are used to promote collections and have to change to keep touch with the trend.

Sample unit -The sample unit is based on random sampling but mainly considered unit are-Customer of organized retail outlets, and the unorganizedd Tool for collection of dataA structured questionnaire, secondary data, interviewing technique.

With growth in income levels, Indians have started spending more on health and beauty products. Retail Space is no more a constraint for growth.India, especially the modern retail formats, its attribute, type of goods and impact of consumers’ demography on choice of emerging retail formats.

Methodology: A selfstructured questionnaire has been used for collecting the data from. The retail format is catering to 44 million of consumers annually.

5 ultimedescente.comarkets. furniture and fancy cards.

electrical and electronics. home and office essentials. including about 30 large format stores across 50 cities in India. following the trend of successful retailers worldwide. with an investment of about Rs.

food and personal care.2/5(1). (Table )Emerging trends in Indian organized retail sector:The emerging trends in the Indian organized retail sector would help the economic growth in India. There is a fantastic rise in the Indian organized retail sector in a very short period of time between and Explain the emerging trends in the development of Modern Retail formats in Indian Context and Highlights the emerging Rural Retail Landscape and also, Reveals the Consumer Shopping Behavior (Across the Country) among the Modern Retail Formats with special reference to Delhi & NCR.

EMERGING TRENDS IN MODERN RETAIL FORMATS: It is difficult to fit a successful international format directly and expect a similar performance in India. In India, the number of department stores is less compared to other retail formats such as supermarkets and discount stores.

Shoppers’ Stop is the first one to open a department store in the early s and currently operates 19 stores in 10 different cities in India.

Emerging retail formats in india
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