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Share of government profit varies from 85 per cent in a low investment scenario to 5 per cent in a high investment scenario. Here the role of the government needs to be highlighted. IIM Ahmedabad was very unpredictable in terms that most of the questions were not from my strength.

This point needs to be cleared. IIM Lucknow was focussed more on general affairs. The mandatory courses and a plethora of electives provide an opportunity to learn more about areas that are essential for senior management roles—electives such as Managing and Creating, Creativity and Strategic Thinking, and Decision Making.

Why are these activities and courses the right ones for the client? Even before production could start from the KG D6 wells, Reliance group was split vertically between the two brothers, with the gas business of Reliance Industries remaining with Mukesh Ambani, the elder brother.

The overseas experience also helped me become more flexible and adapt to people from different cultures quickly. I chose to talk on KFA bailout. As a person passionate about delivering high impact projects, I would like to be involved with the Centre for Electronic Governance CEG in the impact assessment of e-Governance projects.

Overall, it was a mixed kind of interview which had its own high points and lows. A lot of preparation beforehand helped me answer most of the questions. In a recent report CAG has said that Reliance moved directly from discovery to commercial production, skipping the intermediate appraisal programme step required as under PSC.

I was given a topic on financial crisis in Europe. I started my career as a software developer building web applications for retail clients of Infosys. Reliance grabbed at this opportunity and said that it could not supply gas at a price lower than the mandated price set by the government.

I suggested some solutions and a few cross questions were fired. This decision was taken without a single unit of gas coming out of the KG basin. Former RBI governor C Rangarajan came out with a formula which has been followed nowhere in the world, which has resulted in Reliance and other players too getting a price on import parity basis.

None of the ministries involved in the process, including the oil ministry which Moily now represents, raised the point that the gas reserves belonged to the country and was not a property of the Ambani family.

Essays for IIM

It was somewhat less academic. The mandatory courses and a plethora of electives provide an opportunity to learn more about areas that are essential for senior management roles—electives such as Managing and Creating Creativity and Strategic Thinking and Decision Making.

For details visit http: I want to be involved actively with the Centre for Retailing, Centre for Electronic Governance and conferences on Advanced Data Analytics, Business Analytics and Intelligence that will facilitate development of my skills and provide me networking opportunities with IT consulting industry leaders.

If not, he might want to remove this sentence. Reliance Industries refused to sign the contract for supply of gas.

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This paragraph would benefit from some specific detail. Final Cut after multiple rounds of reviews and drafts: I look forward whole-heartedly to the IIMA experience to help me achieve a transformation into an effective leader of the future.

My interest in quickly ramping up on web technologies paved the way for my overseas assignments to UK and Canada. The PSC lays out roles and responsibilities of all parties, specifies the detailed procedures to be followed at different stages of exploration, development and production.

The interview experience was very different at all the four IIMs. Exposure to cutting-edge technologies and experience in such exciting projects made me realize my panache for technology consulting. I linked it to the question related to the meaning of name and the panel seemed impressed. Being a fresher, I was questioned thoroughly on my subjects.

When I first heard this quote recently, it got me thinking about why I love my job. The client should also include a sentence about WHY he wants to get into delivery management.Sample MBA Essay- IIM A.

Posted on November 29, This a sample MBA essay written by one of our clients for IIM Ahmedabad. We’ve included our take on the initial draft and also added the final version, submitted to the school, that helped the client bag an admit to IIMA.

Download the Sample Essays PDF ««». Essays for IIM at PM No comments: Thursday, February 13, 2G auction basic details.

The 2G spectrum auction concluded on Thursday after 68 rounds of bidding. Apart from the telecom operators that bagged rights to spectrum, the government also emerged a big winner as the auction will bring in higher-than-expected revenues.

Jun 05,  · Indian MBA(IIMA PGPX, ISB) or International (INSEAD, IMD)? Update application status Moderators: billionaire, Hatakekakashi, gmatexam A COLLECTION OF 10 SUCCESSFUL MBA ESSAYS Gateway to your dream schools Poonam Tandon CEO, myEssayReview -Written.

Jan 09,  · WAT PI Experiences of IIM selected candidates I had an enjoyable WAT & PI experience of IIM Ahmedabad, B Sekhar Anand IIM I had been practicing essays during my GD/WAT preparations and this helped me perform well in the WAT section. This was followed by PI. IIM Indore EPGP MBA Admissions Details, Applications Essays, Admission Deadlines, Class Profile.

Prepare a strong application for Indian Institute of Management Indore, Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management with seasoned consultants.

Essays for iim pdf to excel
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