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At every step of the journey, RIFT is there to support them. Specific advice from Chris Gaze on making their accounts a core part of their business strategy has been invaluable, while detailed guidance and specialised tools to chase down late payments and optimise cash flow have helped set the most efficient course to meet their goals as they evolve.

Their attention to detail paid off spectacularly, and they were able to fully self-fund the business and retain complete control of it themselves. Furthermore, the long hours and constant travelling the events industry requires are no obstacle in the RIFT, with its Clear Gmg case study cloud accounting software and the any-time, anywhere access it provides.

Events management is a demanding field, where bullet-proof Gmg case study keeping is essential, so they needed a fully fledged partner for their accounting in order to focus their own attention on building a business with rock-solid foundations and room to grow.

They needed expert eyes keeping their books in order but, just as importantly, they wanted guidance on how to make their business grow. A company that could juggle all aspects of event management from end-to-end would be a huge boon for those clients, and GMG Network was perfectly placed to keep all those balls in the air.

They formed an in-depth plan and recognised the need for a strong accounting team from the outset. They had eighteen years of experience in the events field, and knew just how to apply their existing skills to their new venture.

Taking their accounting into their own hands proved challenging and time-consuming. Understanding that their clients had complex and time-consuming needs, often dealing with many suppliers at once, Jayne and John realised that it would simplify things greatly to have a single specialist company shouldering that unwieldy burden for them.

From venue finding and AV production to event apps, event management and everything in-between, no job is to too big or too small for them to tackle with style and expertise. Watch That First Step! Events management can require a lot of travelling and irregular hours, and they quickly found themselves looking for the very thing they were offering to their own clients - a trusted, dedicated service to give them back the time to run their business.

When the time was right, Jayne and John took the plunge put their plans into action.

EFL enabled a 35% increase in approvals with no change in default rate.

RIFT Accounting understands the small business landscape like no one else, and its focus on support and guidance gave GMG the confidence to explore it to the fullest. When a Plan Comes Together The first steps you take on a business journey are the most important, and Jayne and John knew exactly how to put their best feet forward.

Their list of strengths and accomplishments as they set out on their journey were already impressive. That first step, which trips up so many adventurers who take it without checking their maps and safety gear, was nothing short of a leap for the newly formed GMG Network.

Jayne and John talked over their needs and their vision of what their company could be. From dealing with HMRC and advising on tax efficiency to keeping on top of their legal obligations, they needed a comprehensive service from a committed team player.The GMG Facility provides technical assistance, investment grants and output-based grants to catalyse investment in this sector while providing support to the Kenyan National Electrification strategy.

Case Study: GMG Network Ltd

Enabling Access to Consumer Credit in Peru GMG was able to increase its client base by 35% in one year, without any increase in default rate across its case study: GMG Peru Figure 2 Monthly Volumes of EFL Assessments Exhibit A: Identifying and Rejecting the Riskiest Borrowers.

Encouraged by these results, GMG decided to launch the EFL tool other Latin American markets, beginning with Guatemala. Download Full Case Study * Default reduction refers to the impact of removing the bottom two quintiles of.

Case Study Case study methods involve Systematically gathering enough information about a particular person, social setting, event, or group to permit the researcher to effectively understand how it operates or functions.

The GMG Academy Workshop “Print Production – From Design to Print” dealt with the whole process from pho-tography to final printing, focusing on color management and the influencing parameters during a printing process. Case Study: GMG Network Ltd With Jayne McFahn and John Gibson.

GMG is a full-service event management company based in South London, delivering events in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Gmg case study
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