Haier marketing segmentation

Haier should moderately develop personal selling. They cooperated with many on-line marketing companies such as John bottomley Company, which is one of the quickest growing online marketing companies in America.

This brand has prepared 29 factories, 19 overseas trading companies and 8 research centers. This will propel the process of establishing Haier world brand name strategy. When the sale of the products will be enhanced, the company will generate more profit from their dealings. Promotion Haier group promotes its products through its outdoor advertisement and it also spends heavily on the trade publications.

Marketing Strategy Haier should set up its stores in other countries and start introduction of their products to the clients so that they can get good brand image.

Haier Group's Strategy in the US Market

InHaier helped local poverty-stricken families to spend a merry Christmas holiday by launching an activity of donating foodstuffs. All kinds refrigerators are listed on the website including prices, features and quality.

Marketing Mix of China’s Haier in the US Essay Sample

The Americans have made a comparison: It is beneficial for both Haier and customers because it can provide sole products and perfect after sale service, and motivate distributors to sell refrigerators to the most degree. Pricing methods are indicated in the figure 2.

Moreover, personal selling can shorten the gap between customers and producer, and can directly help Haier improve sales revenue. Marketing Objectives Haier wants to provide its products and services to its clients and it also look for new markets and locations, where they can give introduction of their products.

Haier chooses its audience, Haier marketing segmentation is present in the middle, upper and lower Haier marketing segmentation and they also introduce their products in the new markets, where they can get appreciation on the quality of their products.

In the maturity stage, communication mix shown in the figure 3 is much more important to attract new consumers and maintain repeat consumers. The company has to go through four main stages for the development of the products and in these stages, the diversification development strategy, global brand building strategy, domestic brand building strategy and globalization strategy to increase the image of the brand.

Marketing Plan of Haier

Haier emphasizes on establishing good public relationship with local society. Any information on the Internet or advertisement is usually static, and it cannot answer and resolve all questions customers encountering.

The brand should enhance the supply of the products to their potential markets and increase the sale of their products in the new markets. Product Differentiation and Positioning The positioning of the products can be done as the proactive, deliberate and iterative process to measure, define and modify the products of the clients with their marketable offerings.

This brand started working for the preparation of the latest work in IT technology and it has developed the world class products, which makes it leading brand in the field of electronics goods.

It is also included with the inventory level and methods of transportation. The brand has prepared the major and minor products and appliances and these are perfect for the middle class, upper class people.

In the long run, this is helpful for Haier to root into the US market and to avoid price war because Haier does not have enough strength to fight with its stronger rivals. This brand has provided its products and appliance in different countries and get good market share on the sale of its products.

Haier sets up its own website providing information via the Internet. The company has maintained their online business of the products and it appreciates the provision of products online for the clients.

Return of Investment The company makes the investment on different business activities for the preparation and promotion of their products. This evoked great repercussion in the local society and received extensive attention from the local media 2.

The company is working hard to maintain its brand image and earn good revenue. The US market is maturity market and has been dominated by many multinational giants.

In addition, Haier develops full size refrigerators and some special functional refrigerators such as beer refrigerator and wine refrigerator. Haier chose Kotler Marketing Company as its agent in the US market because Kotler Company is the largest marketing company special selling products imported from Asian countries, and Kotler Company is very familiar with the situation of American market.

In the advanced countries, it has maintained its chain stores, which are operating their business online and to the clients physically. Finally, the company should have a big global marketing strategy and world brand goal.

Distribution channels for industrial goods Source: Market Segmentation The market segmentation can be further divided according to the products, which can have identification, assessable, sizeable, stability and responsive. Sales person can introduce the various features of product and persuade customers to buy products.

The company is providing help in different products and they are used mostly in the homes and also for the business and other purposes.Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of Haier– Segmentation variables such as those of demographic (Age, Gender, Income, social class etc), Geographic Variables (Region, city, country, climate) and psychographic variables such as lifestyle and personality attributes; are being used by the company to segregate the.

Haier Group's Strategy in the US Market - Haier Group Co., The case examines the globalization initiatives of one of the most successful companies in China, the consumer appliance major, Haier Group Co.

The case focuses on Haier's initiatives in the US market to establish itself as a major brand. The case also provides information about the competition in the US consumer appliance market.

Therefore, Haier consolidated global resources in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing to create a global brand. In this phase, the business model Haier explored in order to create customers in the Internet Age was the Win-win Model of Individual-Goal Combination.

• Haier is the well-known company in China and it is great player in the electrical products and appliances. • The company has extended its business in the international market and it is also approaching in the retail market.

• The company is introducing its products in various emerging markets. Haier always concentrates refrigerator industry as its main market segmentation even though Haier has involved many new industries such as mobile phone. Market segmentation is “The identification of individuals or organizations with similar characteristics that have significant implications for the determination of marketing.

Strategic Plan for Haier’s Global Brand Building Bachelor’s Thesis Business Management December Figure ultimedescente.comtation, Target Marketing and Positioning (Philip Kotler & Gary Table ultimedescente.com’s Marketing Segments, Target Market, Position Table ultimedescente.com’s 4P strategy.


Haier marketing segmentation
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