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I might end up with more close friends in the future. I realized that conflicts between us happen because each of us oftentimes fails to admit our mistakes. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Since gestures such as eye contact, body movements, and hand gestures are also effective means Journal on interpersonal communication essay communication, I have to be careful with my actions too.

From there, I realized that I have found a potential new friend who shares the same interest with me. I think that this is true such that I personally have difficulty listening.

To help myself develop good listening skills, I made it a point to record my conversations on the phone, at least for a start. There are some classmates that I have been with for quite some time and I am already comfortable talking with them. My relationship with my mother is one that is consist of many conflicts.

I always feel better after I have talk about anything especially when I express my problems and bad feelings. I also recorded the amount of time I have spent talking and listening to the person on the other line.

The outcome of the communication is that we came to know more about each other not just as classmates. For this reason, I have decided that the next time conflict between us occurs, I should be humble enough to communicate properly about the conflict by talking to her and not avoiding her.

For example, my conduct of communication with people that I do not personally know is superficial such that I communicate with them simply because I need to do business with them like when I need to ask a saleslady in a grocery store about the availability of certain merchandises.

I have realized that the way I communicate with people reflects my relationship with them. We can talk about anything from the trivial things such as what I think about the latest books she has borrowed from me, to more sensitive topics such as my family problems and depressions.

Maybe we can talk about other interests that we might also share. From what I have learned that conflicts should be properly dealt with to foster a healthy relationship, I embarked myself to a resolution of acknowledging that conflicts can be good and can strengthen relationships.

From this, I learned the value of dressing appropriately for every occasion. My best friend and I were strangers to each other at first.

I have wished to develop deeper friendship with this person after the experimenting stage. I also realized that the situation worsens such as it would take us days to reconcile when we do not properly present our sides and opinions.

I kept a record of the amount of time I spent talking on the phone.

Interpersonal Communications (COMM 103 - Sahlman)

I can share information about myself directly by saying something or by introducing myself but I can also give out information about myself indirectly through my gestures and physical appearance. I cannot also dress to reflect a personality that I am not because I will tend to attract and alienate the wrong kinds of people and group.

For example, not listening attentively while my teacher talks can give the impression that I am not interested with the subject.

Journal on Interpersonal Communication Essay Sample

Development and growth of relationships are perhaps the reasons if not the most important reasons why people engage in deeper interpersonal communications. I have also found out that interpersonal communication can help an individual to establish his identity and to relate with others. More essays like this: Hence, for me to convey to other people the idea that I am not a snob and that I am approachable and friendly, I need to practice smiling and to smile back when people greet or smile at me.

Conflict resolution is also best when I become careful with the words that I use with my mother. I used to attribute these conflicts to our age gap or the so-called generation gap. People have conflicts because of different reasons but oftentimes it is because of differences. Sometimes, we even have the same problems and happiness.

As such, in order for me to know and better understand what others are feeling, thinking, wanting and planning, I needed to be creative in my interaction with them.

Not listening is also an obstacle to a good communication and good relationship. I have also started to look for common interest that I and some of my classmates share.

However, relationship with them is evident in our communication.communication theory interpersonal relations Because different authors and search tools use different words to describe the same concepts, it's useful to have a list of similar and related terms in your arsenal when you set out to search for relevant information.

Reflective Journal Entry 1: Interpersonal Communication Skills (Essay Sample) Instructions: HI This weak reference for discussions and improved interpersonal communication skills is provided through establishing your behavioral blend and current level of communication.

with over 10 years in. Interpersonal communication is defined as the interaction between two or more individuals. Where this is the case, the tendency for conflicts to take place is almost inevitable. This is because most people do not have the same opinions, needs and/or mindsets.

The. Journal on Interpersonal Communication Essay Sample. We engage in interpersonal communication to help us build a context of understanding. Interpersonal communications help us convey our interpersonal needs and help us understand others better.

A transactional model of interpersonal communication can be defined by saying people are associated through communication and each person involved plays a specific part in that communication.

Each of these people who play a part in the communication are affected through the communication. Free Essay: Chapter One 1. [Describe in a short paragraph how, in a recent conversation, your communication behavior contributed to your physical.

Journal on interpersonal communication essay
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