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Here is Landing page design case study final version of the sale page design. When the company calculated the month projection based on this percentage, it was a six-figure difference in revenue. When you give multiple package options, the prospect has to decide, research, and take pause. First, you should train your taste watching the examples of design in all spheres, following not only mobile, web designers and companies but also the influencers in such spheres as graphic design, architecture, photography, and art.

Inspired with the task, based on user research and market exploration, the designer decided to solve this task using color and shapes, searching for the perfect combination of this methods. Last but not least, the animation was added to show the way all elements interact with each other and to represent the live view.

Case Study: Magic.Co. Creative Landing Page Design

Also, the illustrations were planned to be followed by microcopy revealing the basic description of the features within one sentence. Limited, more concise copy Fewer form fields Removing location-specific address listings The results paid off.

Case Study: Magic.Co. Creative UI Design for a Landing Page

To distribute the ownership, users earn tokens by doing work. After shaping the idea on paper and structuring it in mind, she draws the UX in Sketch. It presents a specific product or service so that the visitor could find the needed information quickly and without distractions.

The variation page achieved a They show that other people have engaged with your business and found success. The team chose a product page and created a variety of change recommendations including headlines, call to action, and changes to the product column. Creating multiple gradients in one color scheme, she tried to change the shades of the main colors, increase or reduce their intensity and opacity.

Next, you can challenge yourself creating some small tasks that you will make when you have a spare time between work. Depending on the task, the first explorations can be shown to the client whether in hand-drawn sketches or digital wireframes as it happened in this case. A page targeting that demographic without a customer testimonial will struggle to convert their landing page traffic.

Optimizing your form based on the right amount of info boxes, the color copy and the CTA design all make for a complicated process.

WikiJob Includes Customer Testimonials Interview-prep website WikiJob was having great success with people using their free tools but was struggling for paid conversions. The client made a request for a landing page design which would convey the value of their proposition in a simple and approachable way.

Entry forms are also one of the most important places for you to show value.The case study headline offers a step-by-step solution for landing “High-Ticket Web Design Clients.” Logos of big-name businesses boost authority by aligning the brand with some well-known companies.

11 Landing Page Optimization Case Studies to Read Now

Let’s check out 5 landing page design case studies: Case Study #1: BettingExpert Adds Value Betting Expert is an online sports betting site, looking to increase sign-ups on their landing page. May 27,  · An idea for an A/B test can come from anywhere, but there’s nothing like a stack of case studies to inspire you to attack your own landing pages to see what you can ultimedescente.comon: W.

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Camino Real, Unit #, Boca Raton,FL. Task. Landing page design with custom illustrations for a digital collaboration platform. Process. The client is a British company Collectively Intelligent Limited from London, the curator of a digital collaboration platform called platform enables people all.

Eklos Branding & Landing Page Design Making way for a new kind of Business Accelerator AB-Inbev, one of the world’s most important brewing companies, contacted us to come up with a name and visual system that would earn their new business accelerator a.

Making a landing page interesting and catchy is as important as its being informative and clear. Today’s case study shares the design flow of creating a bright landing page for a company with a diversity of services it offers to its clients.

UI Design Case Study: Colony. Landing Page for Collaboration Platform. Download
Landing page design case study
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