Mind map of 3 estates in french revolution 1789

They argued the problems and issues concerned until dusk, some six hours later. That is when Napoleon Bonaparte took his chance and came to power, making France an Empire.

An impasse was reached and the Third Estate,who believed they were being treated unfairly and forced to carrythe tax burden of the other two estates, formed the NationalAssembly, which would lead to the storming of the Bastille and theoutbreak of the French Revolution.

The lower levels of society, the landless, working men, though present in large numbers in street gangs, were totally absent from the Estates-General, as the King had called for "the most notable persons".

The Third Estate refused to consent to the abolition of the sale of offices unless the nobles surrendered some of their privileges, and the meeting ended without action.

The electorate consisted of males 25 years and older, property owners, and registered taxpayers. About a third of the deputies representing the Second Estate were nobles, mostly with minor holdings.


The Enlightenment had produced many writers, pamphleteers and publishers who could inform or inflame public opinion. While in theory King Louis XVI was an absolute monarch, in practice he was often indecisive and known to back down when faced with strong opposition.

At the end of the day, the King demanded the registration of the Successive Loan.

French Revolution

They would confer with each other and have the decisions registered immediately, they said. In an attempt to bolster his failing popularity the King acceded to this measure of "doubling the Third.

Did the French Revolution of bring Democracy to France? Marcel was assassinated in July of that year. By 27 June, the royal party had overtly given in, although the military began to arrive in large numbers around Paris and Versailles. By reviving them as much as possible like they had been the King and the Parlement intended to control the authority of the people.

Much of the debt had been incurred on behalf of the Americans. The First and Second Estates had each. The Second was the nobilty. On receiving an affirmative answer, Brienne recorded it as a proposal.

Calonne was the Controller-General of Finances, appointed by the King to address the state deficit. This made France a monarchy again.

Why was France on the brink of revolution by 1789?

French soldiers realised that, like the Americans, they should fight for their rights and that it was time for a change in France. That phase of the war concluded when France suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Poitiers September 19,and John was captured by the English.

The origins of the Estates-General are to be found in traditions of counsel and aid and the development of corporate representation in the 13th century.Learn the french revolution 3 estates with free interactive flashcards.

French Revolution (1789-1799)

Choose from different sets of the french revolution 3 estates flashcards on Quizlet. The French Revolution (French: Révolution française [ʁevɔlysjɔ̃ fʁɑ̃sɛːz]) When the National Assembly was later created in June by the Third Estate, the clergy voted to join them, which perpetuated the destruction of the Estates General as a governing body.

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French Revolution Questions The Outbreak of the Revolution: 1) French society around was split into three groups of people or the Three Estates. The First Estate consisted of the clergy or. the 3 estates during the French Revolution were; members of the clergy made up the 1st estate, nobles the 2nd estate, and the rest of the people the 3rd estate.

the 3rd estate included the. Here are five different factors and their many different sub factors and their relation to the French Revolution.

Estates General of 1789

Mind Map-French Revolution-evidence: Warring with other countries during the French Revolution boosted the strength of the collective consciousness of the people. -date: the meeting of the Estates General happened in June

Mind map of 3 estates in french revolution 1789
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