Nightly business report august 11 2015 galactic federation

Moreover, it possessed a surface that was completely unified. There is also the matter of new governance. Thom Hartmann said that he has been saying for 5 years that the market could fall to or evenand folks should not discount that possibility since we know that he has access to KOS and St Germain and Lady Master Nada.

These events involve not only you, but the rest of physicality, as well. You are to learn much about physical life. The money they put into their secret offshore accounts has been recovered by the Hong Kong Blondes who now work for KOS. North America will undergo great transformations.

If this can help you I am now retired and 68 years old, thus if I have the strength to fight awaiting better stars, you can do it too! What does matter is that it will supervise your abundance more fairly and allow you to be free and sovereign individuals living in a peace-filled world.

We have taken our mentors and matched them to you. The second aspect pertains to the next period of your bodily adjustments.

We are your Ascended Masters! The Ascension is the main reason for all that is now happening to you. Heaven has long foretold us of this time. So it may look like Congress has the power; that is a fiction. Of course, anyone wanting to open a trust or create a foundation will incur fees and expenses for those professional services.

Clarifying instructions and examples will be included in the major-program package instructions each will receive.

House Arrest of the leaders of countries has been necessary as part of the changes. One thing being accomplished is to prepare her land surface to be cleansed and purified. The rest is history. This guardianship allows you to understand how truly interconnected all forms of sentient life are to each other.

These critical actions are due to the uneven erosion of vital life-force energies in the biosphere. You, dear Hearts, are in the midst of changes that will require a period of correction. This Stargate was established for two purposes: All major programs in all countries will be completed over months maximum, except for the first four.

That was by Divine decree and with direct Source Light infusions which will continue through Ascension. Your Planet and surrounding Solar System have been given a dispensation from Galactic Federation rules on membership because of the efforts of the Sirian Governing Council and your Spiritual Hierarchy.Forwe are planning CE-5 contact events and have already set the dates for advanced expeditions in Joshua Tree, CA (April ) and near Durango CO (June ).

The Contact Expedition in Florida for January is already fully booked.

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Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy - Jan. 13, We are ready to use our technology to ensure that this set of final procedures is completed without further delay. Aug 31,  · Infowars Nightly News - August 30, Published on Aug 30, China papers report that Obama will join the Chinese dictator to “jointly announce their ratification” of the sweeping 'climate change treaty' — no Constitution Olive Oyl.

More on that and the Galactic Cricket Cup at 11! February. In February, tidy little piles about the place, making them at least, rather easier to avoid in one's day to day business.

April 11 - "Brazil" Transformers Universe MUX is a. 10 years after the Battle of Yavin, the Imperial forces have retaken several key worlds, including Coruscant, from the New Republic.

Iranian Americans

Further, they start using massive World Devastators in their conquest efforts. An August Zogby International poll, Susie Gharib of Nightly Business Report, Asieh Namdar, Roya Hakakian, Yara Shahidi and Rudi Bakhtiar.

There are several Iranian American actors, comedians and filmmakers, ↑ .

Nightly business report august 11 2015 galactic federation
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