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Vertical variation of the flag of Germany. All religions are seen differently. Each colour has a special meaning. These all have their own meaning and significance.

It is the symbol of the freedom and identity of that country. The Indian national flag was first time adopted on 22nd July in While Muslim participation was moderate, the movement enthused women, who had hitherto rarely participated in the independence movement. The national flag of India is made up of three colors and hence it is also called Tiranga.

Observances of State mourning on the death of foreign dignitaries are governed by special instructions issued from the Ministry of Home Affairs in individual cases.

Our national flag essay should bear the eternal meaning of national flag in our heat. All the three bands are equal in breadth. Examples of countries that have special designs for vertical hanging are: We are likely to find such leaders only among those that promote self-reliance and who practice it with strict devotion and understanding.

The saffron colored band on top stands for the spirit of sacrifice. The original song consisted of five stanzas. The Tri-color played a major role during the pre-liberation period of India.

Indian National Flag Essay

However, even in such cases, the flag must be raised to full-mast when the body is moved from the building. Our leaders fought under it to free our country from the British rule. All religions are free to adopt their worship system. It was adopted 24 days before the independence of India from British rule.

They are a pattern of life as lived by a free people, freedom that has its roots in rights and obligations: He also met Mahatma Gandhi and took his opinion. When Arnold would have surrendered these valuable fortresses and precious legacies, his night was turned into day and his treachery was driven away by beams of light from this starry banner.

The saffron colour symbolizes the sacrifice and selflessness, white colour is for truth and purity and green is for youth and energy. It is of great significance to us.

We pin the flag on our jacket lapels and paste it to the windows of our cars and trucks. Getting freedom was not so easy. The dark green colour at the bottom is for growth.

Vertical variation of the flag of Egypt.

Essay on National Flag in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

In such a time and at such a moment we surely can say then, from hopeful, brimful hearts: The national flag is hoisted on every national occasion by the government official however Indian citizens are also allowed to fly the national flag on some occasions. Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it?National Flag Essay in Hindi > > प्रस्तावना: प्रत्येक स्वतंत्र राष्ट्र का अपना एक ध्वज होता है। यह एक स्वतंत्र देश होने का संकेत है। भारतीय राष्ट्रीय ध्वज की अभिकल्पना.

The national flag is hoisted on Independence Day, the republican day and on all other Our national flag essay national festivals. The nation flag is a sacred thing. We should all love and honor our national flag. Our national flag is made up of khadi clothe which is a special hand-spun cloth initiated by the Mahatma Gandhi.

The design of the national flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of. Long Essay on Importance of National Flag ( Words) Introduction. The Indian National Flag hold much significance in the hearts and souls of the people of India as it is the reminiscent of the decades of Nation’s struggles against the oppressions of the British Empire and also a symbol of the political development witnessed by India and her sons.

Patriotic Essays. Presented here are a some essays that I have assembled for all of you with a patriotic heart. Our Flag carries American ideas, American history and American feelings.

it is a precious ingredient in our national character, one which we must not lose. The time has come for us to re-establish the rights for which we stand. Short Paragraph on Our National Flag for Kids. Category: Kids On February 23, By Deepak Chaturvedi.

We are Indians and our National Flag is very important for us. It is the symbol of unity, honour and freedom. This flag is referred to as the Tiranga. It has .

Our national flag essay
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