The official language movement essay

Public interest groups have emerge, U. Language Use and English-Speaking Ability: National Review 50 Accordingly, the English-only movement has yet to garner enough votes in Congress to support a constitutional law, mainly because most Americans do not support enforcement efforts, which are in conflict with First Amendment rights concerning freedom of speech.

Proposition has experienced resistance and has infringed on the civil rights of students with limited English proficiency.

It is true that the government spends millions of dollars every year to support bilingual education programs but there is no evidence to support the claim that schools introduce these programs for federal funds.

Teaching other languages is important in order to preserve them but equal efforts should be made o teach these student English so they are able to compete with other English speaking students in future.

The United States is not, and has never been, a country with one language. State and County quick facts.

The Official Language Movement

Many Hispanic students who attend school may face problems with English language. The Campaign against Proposition Because the English-only movement is tied to the national concern over immigration, especially what to do about the burgeoning numbers of undocumented workers and families from Mexico and Central America, and because US English portrays these same groups of immigrants as reticent English learners who choose not to assimilate, it is likely that more states will make English official.

Eagle Tribune, October Retrieved September 28,from U.

Official Language Movement

Despite the non-compliance of a few school districts, students receiving bilingual education has declined. Fourth, ethnic politicians promote bilingualism and biliteracy for selfish ends: English-Only Movement Essay English-Only Movement Essay The goal of the English-only movement is to make English the official language of the United States and to restrict the use of non-English languages in schools and for government services, such as interpreters and voting materials.

There was an 8. Oxford University Press About U.

English-Only Movement Essay

If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Retrieved September 28,from Rethinking Schools: As of30 states had passed a law declaring English the official language. While English is undeniably the dominant language of the United States, it is not in any danger of being overtaken by other languages.

This has translated into support for English immersion programs that provide only transitional and short native language assistance. Boston Herald, July Retrieved September 28,from The Fiscal Times: Faltis, Christian and Cathy Coulter. Finally, proponents insist that language diversity always leads to group conflicts and competition over goods and services, to ethnic hostility, and to political separatism an appeal to both sets of fears.An Argumentation on the Bilingual education and English-only Movement The question of whether the U.S should have an official language and whether bilingual language education can be accepted is highly controversial.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The English- Only movement is concerned with the preservation of the English language as the United States official language. This has translated into support for English immersion programs that provide only transitional and short native language assistance.

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Only at". Official Language Movement The Case against Bilingual Education Summery This article is based on providing the history behind providing bilingual languages in the educational system, what positives it has brought since providing funding for the bilingual act, but also provides information that states that it is truly not helping the recipient of intent and that is the children of America.

This movement have a lot of support from children basic human and civil rights (Rethinking Schools, ). They believe that it is the right of every student to be able to get education in the language s/he understands better and should not be denied the right to education on the basis of ethnicity and culture (Rethinking Schools, ).

The official language movement essay
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