The worth of a thousand pieces

Mathematics, Excellence and the Great Dijkstra. Spaghetti Code s and 80s were the days in which "spaghetti" code was quite common, so called because the control flow moved from one part of the program to another in a mished-mashed manner resembling cooked spaghetti. Add to this the number of different colors you are forced to use to manage these and the hierarchical layers you are compelled to introduce that you soon realize that diagrams are no longer helpful but are becoming more of a nuisance than a help, more of a chain that is pulling you behind, and less of a spring-board.

But the greatest brevity and preciseness is, of course, captured by mathematical models or formula that lie at the very top of the pyramid. Contests[ edit ] Competition mostly took place in a series of themed contests. A Lexicon of Practice, Principles and Prejudices ".

If Goths ruled — Show what the world would look like if Goths ruled it. Examples of contests are: I now relish this learning recalling Randy Pausch delivering this sentence in his famous Last Lecture: My first exposure to pictorial graphs was the use of flowcharts in the s to understand and document the flow of program control.

Fabolous - Beauty Lyrics

Excellence and the Great Dijkstra". The forums were a place for general discussions and humor, and questions and answers regarding techniques for the various types of contests. Textor - One who participates in the Text Contests.

However, my PhD research involved working for around five years with a "graphical" environment for parallel programming called CODE under the supervision of James C Browne. This type of crisscrossing of the control flow could only be understood through flow chart diagrams that tried to explain pictorially what was happening.

Here I detail how I became convinced that graphs and pictorial representations such as Mind-Maps are just a first cut and a very raw representation of the complex ideas that we have in our minds. Losasig - The signature awarded by the winner of a Head-to-Head match to the loser of the match written humiliation.

Due to the many active Admins and a word-filter that monitored the forums, a high level of troll control existed. Even if the Photoshop contests were the main attraction of Worth, it also had a vast variety of contests for photography, writing, illustration, and a multimedia.

The myth and reality of “a picture is worth a thousand words?”

Fantasy Series - a monthly fantasy image competition. Often, we can not tear out of the prison of our incompetence because of the steep learning curve required to make the break with the chains of our past.

Some images, are based in the H. A model or a representation of reality simply captures the features considered essential for the purpose at hand and ignores other numerous details. The most infamous and prevalent of the conversions by the filter. However, graphical and pictorial models have even greater brevity as represented by the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Sun Simiao

Losatar - The avatar awarded by the winner of a Head-to-Head match to the loser of the match animated humiliation.

The hierarchy of representations is shown as a pyramid with physical models at the bottom, followed by the verbal models, followed by pictorial or graphical models with the top of pyramid containing mathematical models also called formulas. But, any real life situation is quickly going to get so complex that these tools would soon have to give way for the time tested field of problem solving that includes mastery of concepts such as abstraction: Others include mating animals with instruments or plants, zombifying or aging celebrities, combining several movies to one, and many others.

Programming languages in the s were still using the notorious Goto Statement that was responsible for such mish-mash spaghetti type of code writing, and were slowly and painstakingly trying to do away with its "unstructuredness".

New Jersey - The filtered form of the word "Hell". I now relate my personal journey as I transited from the pictorial models to the formula level of the pyramid above.A Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures A Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures Biblical Authority.

by Jim Newcomer on March 20, Share: Email Using: Gmail Yahoo! Outlook Other. The Creator’s visuals convey a valuable message we all need to hear. But to learn the lessons that matter most, nothing beats His words!

“A picture is worth a thousand gold pieces.” Well, the irony is that actually this phrase isn't Chinese in origin at all but comes from some US advertising copy early in the last century. A. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for One Written Word Is Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold =: [Yi Zi Qian Jin] at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Sun Simiao (simplified Chinese: [Worth] a Thousand Pieces of Gold") and Qian Jin Yi Fang ("Supplement to the Formulas of a Thousand Gold Worth") - that were both milestones in the history of Chinese medicine, summarizing pre-Tang dynasty medicine.

Feb 09,  · A Formula is Worth a Thousand Pictures: Dijkstra vs Buzan's Mind-Maps Problems with Pictures with too many details and Complexity I had the opportunity to attend Tony Buzan's presentation of his famous Mind-Maps at the convention of Management Association of Pakistan held at Karachi in September On August 12,Worth's founder, Avi Muchnick, announced in the community forums that Worth would be closed and converted into a static museum.

The final contest was scheduled to end on the midnight changeover (Worth .

The worth of a thousand pieces
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